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I help companies advertise using Google. I’m also officially recognised by Google as being an expert in online advertising (Google Ads certified). Above all, my aim is to get clients the highest quality traffic for their chosen monthly budgets. Click to find out how I can manage your Google Ads and generate you more business leads. 

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What are Google Ads?

Basically, people search on Google using queries. For example, “find me a Google Ads expert in the UK.” Google then gives that person a list of website pages it feels would best answer that query. It often puts established companies at the top. Consequently, smaller businesses and sites without search engine optimisation (SEO) are not found. In fact, “31.7%” of people click on the top search result. (

However, Google Ads allows you to bid your way to the top. Google’s paid ads are displayed above the organtic results. Therefore, allowing you to be found. Google Ads also puts you in front of your perfect audience. Customers actively searching online for something you offer. Therefore, you already know they have a direct interest in you and what you’re advertising. 

Another thing that makes Google Ads so special is that you only pay when people actually click on your ad. Every pound you spend is someone being brought to your website or ringing your telephone. Traditional forms of advertising are often “a shot in the dark.” For example, with magazine advertising you pay top money whether you’re successful or not.


Why choose me as your PPC specialist?

Manual Bidding

I favour manual bidding over automated. Therefore, a human is always in control. Machine learning can come with horror stories. For example, “maximize conversions” can spend an entire budget in one click.


Monthly Reports

I manage client campaigns on a weekly basis and report the results monthly. This includes conversion tracking, average cost per click and the account spend.

More than a salesman

You’re talking to the guy who will build and manage your Google Ads account . I’m not a salesman that will promise the world and then disappear. We’re in this together and we both want success.

Quality Traffic

The foundation to a successful Google Ads campaign is good keywords. I have experience and understanding in how people search. By choosing relevant search terms and engaging ad copy, I can get you quality leads.



My background is support. I worked for the best rated web hosting company in the UK before going into marketing. I’m not just a geek, I’m a geek with people skills. I understand Google Ads and I’m here to answer your questions. 

Up-to-date Knowledge

I find pay-per-click advertising fascinating. It’s more than just a job to me. I enjoy keeping up-to-date with Google Ads and digital marketing. Basically, if I’m driving in the car, it’s PPC podcast I’m listening to.

Google Ads Management Pricing

Firstly, the Google Ads account and any work I complete for you is your property. Therefore, if at any point you decide you wish to stop using my management service. You will not lose your data and you can continue running the Google Ads account as you feel free.

I charge £100-300 for the initial build/set-up.

I then charge a monthly management fee. The monthly fee is broken down into two parts:

1. This is the spend per month, which is paid directly to Google. For example, £0-500. We will set a maximum budget and work to this. Google will take this as a direct debit.

2. You will be invoiced a monthly management fee, payable to myself (Taylor Created). This is dependant on your monthly spend. For example, if your Google Ads spend is £200 per month, I will invoice you £50 per month.

Contact me about PPC Management

Taylor Created is my personal venture, which I manage in my spare time alongside my job as marketing manager. Please send me an email or leave a voicemail. I’ll revert back to you either in the evening or at the weekend. Please specify if one is more suitable than the other.

Officially recognised by Google as being an expert in online advertising (Google Ads certified).

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