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Google Ads Manager and (pay-per-click) expert

What is Google Ads Management? Simply put, I help companies advertise using Google Ads. My aim is to get clients the highest quality traffic for their chosen monthly budgets.

Qualified Traffic

Control who sees your ad via key words and targeting options.

Pay-per-click (not view)

A big difference with Google Ads is that you only pay when someone actually clicks your ad.

Leads & Sales

Get to the top of Google Search, overtake your competitors and get more business.


Every website visit and call will be from people searching for keywords associated with what you offer.

Max Budgets

I will set a monthly budget you’re comfortable with and stick within it.


Manual Bidding

I carefully control your cost per click rather than using automated bidding, which can run away.

Real Data

Google Ads monitors who clicks your ad and provides you with data. This includes their location, device and more.


Monthly Reports

These monthly client reports include conversion tracking, average cost per click and more.


I’m officially recognised by Google as being an expert in online advertising (Google Ads certified).

Get found on Google using Pay-Per-Click

“31.7%” of people click on the top search result. (

I can help you use Google Ads to get above the organic listing in 1st place. 

People search on Google using key words and queries. For example, “find me a Google Ads expert in the UK.” Google then gives that person a list of website pages it feels would best answer that query. Established companies usually feature at the top. Similarly, companies with information rich websites tend to appear high up.

Consequently, smaller businesses are often not found.

More qualified traffic means more conversions

Google Ads allows you to bid your way to the top.

However, I know you want more than just traffic. By managing Google Ads correctly, we can find customers actively searching online for what you offer.

Lets say people from Lincoln have a 75% better conversion rate buying your products. We can increase the amount our ads are shown to those people.

Similarly, if you get a lot of views but no sales at the weekend. We can reduce the hours our ads are shown at the weekend.

We are in complete control over who we show our ads too. From the device they use, to their income bracket and even their recent purchase intent.

Google Ads Management Pricing

As Red Adair once said, “if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional. Wait until you hire an amateur.”

Firstly, the Google Ads account and any work I complete for you is your property. Therefore, if at any point you decide you wish to stop using my management service. You will not lose your data and you can continue running the Google Ads account as you feel free.

 Please note I charge £200 for the initial build/set-up

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