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Wix Website Design

You can hire me to complete a specific task on your Wix website.

Web Design Tailored To You


Fast Loading Web Pages

People want quick loading content. It encourages people to stick around and also improves your ranking on search engines.

Mobile/Tablet Friendly

All of the sites I build are multi-device optimised. They are specifically designed to work and display correctly on all device types. 


Modern Website Design

An important factor when designing a site is customer experience. I don’t over-develop my sites, however I want them to stand out.

Multi-browser Compatibility

It’s important that your website loads on older browsers too. All my WordPress built sites work on even the oldest systems.


Quality Copywriting

Interesting and engaging content means customers will stay on your site for longer. I offer a “copywriting” service for those interested.

Search Engine Optimisation

People will choose a website from the first page of Google results 90% of the time. I can help get your website found using SEO.

Top Rated Aftercare Support


PPC management services

PPC (pay-per-click) relates to sponsored ads. Simply put, we can pay Google to appear higher on relevant keywords. As a result, you’ll get more business.


Email/Phone Support

Here when you need me:

07450 30 05 30


Site Monitoring

24/7 multi-browser monitoring to ensure that your site stays online. This also includes a malware detection and early warning system powered by Sucuri.


Regular security updates

The majority of my sites are built using WordPress. I apply their regular security updates to my sites for free.

Top Rated Web Hosting

I’m affiliated with one of the best rated hosting companies. They offer 24/7 support.

Website backups

All of my sites are backed up daily. Therefore, you can be back up and running in minutes.

Why choose me as your Web Designer?

Your website is the window to your business. It’s the first thing many potential customers will see. It can be the reason you make a sale. Likewise, it can also be the reason you lose one. According to (Forbes), “38% percent of users will stop interacting with a website if the layout is unattractive.” Similarly, “39% of people will leave a site if the images take too long to load.” (Sagipl)

Firstly, I only build sites that look professional and feel modern. “94% of people won’t trust an outdated website.” (UK Web Host Review) Secondly, I host my websites on lightning fast servers. For the reason that it can take as little as, “50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion and leave a website.” (CXL)

Lastly, my main aim is to provide an excellent service. I have heard many people complain about web designers. The majority of negative experiences appear to be centered around support. Or rather, a lack of support. As a result, I offer telephone, email and face-to-face support to clients within Lincolnshire. I also work with clients as far as London on a email/telephone basis.

Above all, I care about my work. I want to help your business grow. In conclusion, if your website succeeds… so do I.

Recent Web Design Examples

AB Protection Services

Website design (WordPress), copywriting & hosting for a close protection services company in London.

Website Design - Richards of England

Richards of England

Website design, marketing & copywriting for a luxury classic car restoration company in Lincoln.

Wedding Website Example

Wedding Website Example

Demo of what your wedding day website could look like. Live examples are kept hidden for confidentiality reasons.

Affordable and Simple Pricing